Social Media Consulting

Your Brand in the Conversation.

Social media is essential for generating awareness about your brand and engaging in conversations with your consumers. We handle all aspects of social strategy, creative, community management and maintenance. We work with your brand to define your optimal social media channels, then develop the best ways to engage followers. We also create detailed analytic reports on your social campaign’s performance, and constantly refine the tools to maximize engagement.

Top 10 Twitter countries, per capita use - Kuwait, Netherlands, Brunei, UK, USA, Chile, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Puerto Rico -

What do we do?

We are the best in managing your social media channels at a high level of professionalism, knowing how the social media works and the pros and cons of each social media platform is key for our success in managing your social media presence.

The benefits of this services:

  • Communicate your brand
  • Direct interaction with your followers
  • Keep you connected with your followers
  • Be a head of your industry competitors
  • Expand your presence and increase your followers
  • Exchange information with your followers and get real feedback to enhance your services
  • Measure the level of your customer satisfaction
  • Open door for ideas and new projects

Our social media tools:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Snap Chat
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • Vin

Our Service includes the following:

  • Create social media accounts in different platforms
  • Brand social media channels
  • Create social media plans for effective social media presence
  • Social media copywriting
  • Design and create the attractive content for your social media channels
  • Video and Images editing - Social media scheduling and publishing
  • Communicate and interact with the followers in timely manner
  • Escalation management
  • Hashtag selection
  • Monthly reporting consists of (Followers increase stats, Engagement rate, most popular topics, high engagement times, most active followers.

Instagram Adoption by Brands per Industry

Instagram adoption by Millward-Brown 2013 BrandZ index Brands (total: 97/130 or 75%).
Sectors from left to right: cars, fast food, soft drinks, apparel, retail, luxury, beer, personal care, telcos., technology, oil & gas, financial institutions, insurance Last update: October 2013 The Car, Fast Food, Soft Drink and Apparel industries are most represented on Instagram with a 100% adoption rate.